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Are your voices internal or external?
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Before I knew there were voices in my head, I thought there were people who lived in the walls of one particular house I was often trapped in.

Once I was being harassed in my apartment, it took me a few days, until I left to get away from them, to realize they were also in my head, and I couldn’t escape them.

Ever since, they’re mostly internal, aside from functional, and other auditory hallucinations.

I have this whispering and background noise kind of going all the time,

Two distinct voices that are internal.

One scary voice/hallucination that feels external.

That’s why I’m always thinking my house is haunted or something like that.

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I hear things with ear, like bells, phones, alarms, my name, etc.
and i have 11 internal voices


With me it sounds like someone is standing in the room talking to me. I used to think it was a ghost. I don’t have any voices in my head.

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I have a constant stream of noise too. Various hums, radio chatter, voices talking over one another. Music almost constantly.

I often feel a presence, one in particular I know when he’s around, because I hear a familiar related noise. Other times I only feel or see them, mostly as shadows.

I never believed mine were demons or ghosts. I always thought it was more like an elaborate vr game.

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I hear a lot of random noises too. A lot of horns, alarms, crashing.

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It started this way with me, when I couldn’t excuse them anymore. It was as if they were standing in front of me. But ever since I realized they were in my head, and especially since I moved out of that apartment, they’re mostly internal. When I visit the same house, they’re still in the walls too.

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I hear a lot of thumping and bumping sounds, and it also sounds like someone is trying to get in my front door when no one is there.

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I grew up in a very religious household,

So I just thought I was possessed and seeing demons when I was younger.

I was 27 before I squashed that delusion.

But still struggle with thinking houses are haunted and such.

Interesting that you have noise all the time too.

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I grew up in a very religious household too, but it never took. I have a grandmother who claims to be psychic, and relatives who dabble in some kind of witchcraft or another, those never took either.

Even though I’ve seen people who weren’t there throughout my life, it was never right to claim they were ghosts or demons. I just don’t feel they are. It’s easier for me to believe aliens. I don’t know if this is because I have never found religion or any sort of spirituality provocative, but this is my best guess.

My voices sounded from outside my head most of the time they sounded like they came from speakers and walkie talkies or like they were in the same place as me.

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I heard a voice briefly once, It was after I meditated on an audiobook for hypnosis. It was supposed to reveal your one true name and teach you to astral project. It was a booming frightening male voice and he said my name.

That is the only time it happened this year. and NO it was not a wonderful experience for anyone who thinks I am doing this on purpose it scared the heck out of me I thought it was evil or a demon or something I dont know.

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Both internal and external plus noises like doors being slammed… whispers, screams… crying … it’s pretty weird sometimes.

I also grew up very religious… I would see shadows and have sleep paralysis a lot… thought the house was haunted too… I think where I am right now is haunted as well. When I first came here I started hearing music, whispers etc. There was a tenant here and she also thought it was haunted. I also believed I was psychic…


My voices are internal but I sometimes hear external noises like mumbling or phone sounds, and two days in a row I constantly heard a train at the beach, even long after it left the station

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All internal, easily distinguishable from reality, but annoying nonetheless.


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