Intermittent fasting: if you're struggling to lose weight, this might be why

I don’t think fasting is goo d for people with psychosis. First of all, the brain requires carbs and cholesterol to work properly. Second of all, starvation causes the body to issue adrenaline, which can increase anxiety and mess with sleep.
I also have the belief that having psychosis might put someone at a heightened risk of eating disorders, and fasting could easily be the trigger.

It also seems to me like people who fast think that means they don’t have to otherwise alter their diet or increase their exercise.

The best way to lose weight is to have a healthy, balanced diet and eating schedule, and get adequate movement.
Stable bloodsugar is the key.

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I tried intermittent fasting. It’s fking difficult. Whilst on aps at least.

I’ll just eat sensibly Thankyou very much. Can’t sleep. Because of not eating in the evening

I’ve been told at a book club after I had lost 50 pounds
You should eat anything you want at any time.
It isn’t always seen good to lose weight.
Needless to say I never went back to that book club.

Other times everybody wants to know your secret. I could have made some serious money.

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