Insight and medication adherence in schizophrenia: An analysis of the CATIE data


This is a good study… so it basically says earlier nonadherence means moderate-severe insight? What do all the statistics mean?


It basically says the less insight you have the less you’ll stick to taking your medication. IMO that makes sense. If you don’t think you’re ill then why would you take medication.

I don’t think though that lack of insight is the only factor when it comes to nonadherence .

I’d throw in to the mix cognitive issues NB forgetfulness. That was the issue with me. With oral meds I was taking them 40-50% of the time because I’d forget. I’m the same with oral medication in general. Since being on depot I had a 99% adherence rate at my previous address and a 100% adherence rate since being here.


In my chart, I’m non compliant, for the most part I have insight, but when I get episodes, I start to forget how I was before or what would happen if I don’t take them. I think sz can just go away or I can manage. I’m on a depot for being non compliant since I play games with my meds

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