Insanity issues in the new york times recently

fan of the nyt for 30 years;: the editors of the nyt have three topics they study and present, which really no other publication pursues:

  1. wars - everywhere, all the time, all the details, on the ground and historical context. I know about modern warfare, atleast what they’ll write…

  2. science - they cover all the latest advances, in astrophysics, in theory of brain/mind, health and nutrition, and genetics, and several times a year we learn details about clinical trials on some drug that we never ever would have heard of…

  3. INSANITY - after something happens in the news and everybody reports on it, like that school shooter in conneticut a year ago, well, they stay on it, and it might be up to a year later but there’s gonna be a 4 or 6 full page detail story on everybody this kid ever grew up with and met, all kinds of theories on the methods to his madness…

and they wrote up a few interesting things on mind and insanity recently i should post -

that kid in newtown, he put dark plastic hefty bags up over his windows, he was good with the computer, & he wrote two pieces of fiction - one about a young boy and an older man caught in a love bond, it was called something like love bond, and the other was about being attacked by many babies. that story was a couple of weeks ago, a few other things maybe i can’t remember about his insanity, basically they finally told us what’s on his computer, high functioning madness there he has some material…

then this week two things I think i can paste the links to here

one, "american psychosis attacks mental health care, was they say guys like me, kinda crazy but gettin away with it in modern society, shouldn’t, I should be locked up and medicated for my own good, the “bar should be lower” for involuntary committment, they should fill the hospitals back up and I am the candidate patient for these hospitals of the future. Crazy guys.

the other was the most important thing i should post and have been thinking alot about - they just discovered, in the brain, the “GLYMPHATIC” system, like the lymphatic system, it takes out the garbage, and the “g” was a nod to the fact that some girl knew it had involve the glial cells, in the intersticial brain area - in between the neurons, i think the glial cells are a coat on them, and it turns out that’s the garbage pathway, when you go to sleep it takes out the garbage, it can’t do it when you are awake, it does it but at 5% capacity, when you go to sleep it booms to 95% capacity, something about inflamation and shrinking, the right pathways swell up and the garbage can really flow through and out, can’t do that when you’re a wake, so now they can just pump it in to the spinal column, and if it doesn’t come out fast enough, you have alzheimers and that garbage is piling up in the gutter, and hey, gotta point out, we know from the dictionary that losing sleep is schizophrenogenic, meaning it causes schizophrenia symptoms in any human being, they were talking about foxholes in world war two when i learned about that, so guessing sz is about garbage? piling up? meds make you sleep? chance to take out the garbage? sleep is good, feels good, when you haven’t had any in 50 hours. stuff flows away. can you feel it like that?

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[quote=“wonderdonkey, post:1, topic:1833”]
we know from the dictionary that losing sleep is schizophrenogenic, meaning it causes schizophrenia symptoms in any human being.

that is true

It’s sad that the media reports on mental illness usually only when there is a tragedy involved. As for the psychiatrists desire to lock up more patients/lower the bar for involuntary hospitalization, I am against that. Rather, there should be stronger supports within the community. And SSI and SSDI should pay better, and should have no means testing, so that the mentally ill aren’t consigned to living in poverty. Community support centers like the Soteria house should be made available to the mentally ill.

Did you see that one video on that sandy hook father faking crying.

He is on camera laughing and having a great time and then when it’s time to go on he starts to fake cry and fake being sad and upset.

Now thats enough to make you paranoid right there.