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Hi my name is Dan. I am looking for people who have been diagnosed with mental illness or their loved ones to share their personal stories for the publication NYC Voices. Writers have been from everywhere around the globe. We will only use your first name as author unless you specify to print your full name because stigma is real and it can affect your life. If interested, email newyorkcityvoices@gmail<>com and I’ll send to you a PDF of our last issue to help you decide if you want to submit your story. Also, to be considered for inclusion in an anthology of poetry and prose by and for people with mental health challenges, go to www<>mentalhealthbooks<>net and contact poetry editor Will Jiang, MLS.

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my story sz the end :slight_smile:


Is this the publication?

This smells fishy. I did a little reading and it looks like this guy is a former editor for He and his buddy Will seem to have started a blog with a very similar name. They also have a very pro weed youtube video.

I’ll wait for him to explain himself before I delete this thread or anything but I’d be very wary people.

hi malvok. this is dan. i am still editor of nyc voices. we have three sites: 1) nycvoices<>org for older materials 2) newyorkcityvoices<>blogspot<>com/ for newer materials and 3) youtube channel www<>youtube<>com/channel/UC2LUjDDVGyQ5Di4ebKu9M1A where you saw our video that you call pro-weed though Will was actually warning about the active ingredient in THC, especially for people with latent psychosis. Maybe you didn’t see the entire video. i am in treatment for schizophrenia and me and several others run nycvoices which has recently become a program of balticstreet<>org - we have been publishing often anonymously stories from our peers coping with serious mental illness since 2000.

yes that site has older materials while our blog newyorkcityvoices<>blogspot<>com/ has newer materials. please send an email to newyorkcityvoices@gmail<>com and i will send a beautiful pdf of our summer edition for your consideration. thanks!

If anyone decides to send in their story, PLEASE keep in mind that stuff lives on the Net forever. You may be much healthier years from now and looking for work only to have prospective employers Google you and find an article about your illness. RECOMMEND using only first name and limiting location to the province/state you live in. If you mention anyone else in your stories, change their names to protect their identities.



Hi Dan,

This is the group started by Ken Steele - right?

Ken used to participate here years ago. From what I’ve heard, NY City Voices does great advocacy work and produces some great publications.

I recommend people check out their web site and the information on it:


Dan - is this your group’s blog?

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.com redirects to .ca on Google’s end. A bit strange to see a New York City publication going to a Canadian domain. :smiley:


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yes that’s right. Ken Steele (1948-2000) founded nyc voices early in his recovery from schizophrenia. he wrote a book titled The Day the Voices Stopped, finished right before he died. he is known for his Mental Health Voter Empowerment Project, a non-partisan registration and education effort for people diagnosed with serious mental illness. the project registered almost 30,000 people and politicians started to pay attention, including hillary clinton when she was running for senate in new york at the time. the mental health association extended the voter project for a few years, but without a powerful figure like Ken, it fell apart.

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yes that is the blog’s address