Does anyone else have problems with being indecisive? I’m not sure if this because of Schizophrenia, side affects of my medication or just a personal flaw of mine. I mean it gets so bad sometimes its ridiculous. It’s like I use an internet streaming site RDio to listen to full length albums, but then I can’t decide if I want to listen to the album on stream or listen to the album that I purchased (talking about the same album here, it’s one I purchased a long time ago, could even be one I purchased recently…then find it on a stream site and debate if I should listen to the stream or purchased version. They’re both the same copy of the album. I know it’s not like it really matters but it’s annoying when I can’t decide which one I want to listen to.

I have other things I debate on what to, or how to do something but that’s just one example.

because of my ocd i can get many choices/decisions in my head at once , so i have trained myself that no matter what i always go with the first decision…no problems…no indecisiveness.
take care


Some times I seem indecisive. But its just because I know what I want but I try to do things to accommodate other people. So if I don’t know what to do its because I’m thinking about what I want to do but I don’t want to do it because I know someone else doesn’t like it.

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Ya wanna know what makes my head spin?
Trying to pick out something at the grocery store.
Too many choices for the same item. For goodness sakes Cheerios has about 10 different flavors. Don’t even get me looking at the pop-tarts either.


Thank you darksith. You have solved my problem of indecisiveness! For the past 2 years or more I have been unable to decide on a career since I am unemployed. I have been on 2 courses and quit them both and one of the colleges in my area are so familiar with me ringing up I don’t call there anymore. My first choice of career was when I was 5 and I wanted to be an archaeologist because I liked dinosaurs, so that is what I am going to do. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I had problems with decisiveness due to being perfectionist.

But I have learned that instead of searching for the perfect choice, I select the “good enough” choice, set limits and make tradeoffs in life.

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