Incidence and risk factors of acute akathisia in 493 individuals with first episode non-affective psychosis: a 6-week randomised study of antipsychotic treatment

CONCLUSIONS: Among second generation antipsychotics, only olanzapine and quetiapine should be considered as akathisia-sparing drugs. The type of antipsychotic, having been hospitalized, and a more severe symptomatology at intake seem to predict the development of acute akathisia

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I agree a lot of atypicals cause akathisia. I get akathisia from quetiapine.

I thought you were on depixol or xeplion, @Jimbob ? (something containing the letter “x” anyway…)

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Yeah. Depixol and quetiapine.

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I was initally on abilify and the akathisia was awful. Then I switched to quetiapine and had none. This unfortunately made me stay on quetiapine for longer than I should have. quetiapine nearly killed me in the end. After trying nearly every med I’m now back on abilify.

So the irony is I stayed on quetiapine because of abilify and now I’m staying on abilify because of quetiapine.

L-theanine helps keep the anxiety and restlessness manageable.

I just googled rexulti as I might try it when it becomes available in Europe next year, and found this

The most common reported adverse effect with the use of brexpiprazole was akathisia

Ah well.

May i ask, what do you mean by nearly killed?

I went completely bananas :banana: and while I was bananas I wanted to kill myself. I was 10 times more psychotic than I would have been unmedicated. I was in the end just living in a dream world.

Luckily you are doing good now right?

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Like I said, my experience has made me stick with abilify! I’m stable now.