Imagine being a patriots fan in 2060

Reminiscing on the good days. You’re with your buddy You say

“Remember the time Tom lead us to that game winning touchdown drive against the chiefs”

The answer would have to be “oh, which one”

Or the Steelers
Or the jaguars
Or the bills even
Or all the other shitty ass teams in the afc

Or you can be a patriots fan “remember the time we embarrassed the jets on national tv”. “Which one??”

Must be tough being a patriots fan



My brother in law is obsessed with the Patriots. I think right now it’s too easy to be a fan of theirs.

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My dad has a coworker who loves the Patriots. Sometimes my dad will root for them simply because he doesn’t want to deal with said coworker’s temper tantrums about their losses.

I challenge anyone to be open about being a Bengals fan right now (they’re my dad’s team lol).

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They haven’t had any losses yet this year I don’t think.


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