NFL Games Today

Jaguars vs. Patriots and Vikings vs. Eagles. It seems that the super bowl is going to be the Patriots vs. Vikings. I could be wrong. Going into the playoffs I thought that was the second likeliest scenario. I was really wrong about the Rams.

I’m a Broncos fan and the Jaguars are pretty similar to them when they won the super bowl a couple years ago. The Broncos also beat the Patriots on the way to winning the super bowl. A good pass rush really hurts Tom Brady.

Eagles have their backup quarterback so nobody is expecting much from them. The Vikings are coming off a huge dramatic win last week. It probably will be a good game.

Is this American baseball?

American Football

Is the main league that you follow the Premier League @anon20318121?

Nope I’m from south africa. Never seen American football or baseball on tv.

We watch cricket and rugby

I watched a lot of rugby from the olympics. I don’t know anything about cricket. So American Football doesn’t come on any of your tv networks?

No ive never seen it ive only heard about it…

It seems like rugby just with padding on if im correct

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Pretty much. The helmets are the reason it may not be around in 50 years. Too dangerous.

All you have know is that Peyton Manning is the best of all time.

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Patriots might be using their second string quarterback instead of Brady because of a hand injury. Or that’s just a rumor they’re floating to try and psyche out the other team.

All you need to know is that Brady is the greatest of all time. And Peyton Manning is a crybaby. J/k, but here’s a video of him crying about leaving the Colts.

haha @Coldcomfort

Do you watch all of the Patriots games? @Coldcomfort

Not always, usually toward the last half of the season. I’m not a super true fan, but in the past I’ve watched every game. I kinda stopped caring a lot after they won the big game a couple times. I said, okay, I’ve watched this story to completion and now I can move on. It’s that sorta thing, but I enjoy watching the games from time to time.

Spoiled Patriot fans, lol. There’s nothing better than watch NFL games. Although it’s gotten hard for me to watch in the past years due to schizoaffective disorder.

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We are seriously spoiled, that’s for sure. :smiley:

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I wish the Broncos had the Patriots coaches. But we did have McDaniels and that didn’t work out. Belichick is a genius.

He’s also kind of a jerk during the season. I know it’s his job to be hard on his players and all, but shouting in the freezing snow during practice “No days off!” was kinda harsh.

Then again, we had Pete Carrol at one point, who was all lightness and not giving a crap, and we lost the next season or three.

Most coaches I’ve noticed are jerks. Funny take on Pete Carrol. I didn’t know he was an easy coach to play for.

Well they all go through phases and evolutions. Pete Carrol is a very good and successful coach, having led several teams to win the big game (college and pro) since he coached the Pats. But when he was with us, he was a bit easier going than Bill Parcells was. So it seemed to us he was soft, looking from the outside anyways. The reality was probably different from our perception.

True. Do you think Brady should be a GM for the Patriots when he’s done playing like Elway?