I'm very worried about my former fiancee

She is sza, (newly diagnosed), formerly bipolar I, and she is very sick with a mixed state right now, which is partly depressed and partly hypomanic with extreme irritability and anger with impulsiveness in actions and spending. She spends a lot of time sleeping and a lot of time shopping and spending money she doesn’t have. She’s already second mortgaged her house and I’m afraid she’s on her way towards a third mortgage or another bankruptcy. And important source of income for her is going to disappear in nine years and she is doing nothing about this. She also has a lot of physical ailments with sinus and allergy problems, migraine and sinus headaches that she gets daily and also suffers from severe back pain and sciatica. She also has a pretty severe case of irritable bowel syndrome, and third stage kidney failure, which she does not take care of. She also smokes cigarettes. For all of these reasons, I am very worried about her. But, I have to learn that there is nothing I can do anymore but pray.

I have cut off all contact with her deleting her from my contact list and blocking all three of her phone numbers so she can’t call me. I still pray for her everyday.


I think all you can do at this point is send her your good thoughts.


I do that indeed.

Is this the woman you were going to marry recently?

Believe it or not, yes.

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Can you see why I wanted the marriage to be unofficial?

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I’m sorry @SkinnyMe but all you can do is pray for her at this point.


You know all of us were dragged through your I’m Getting Married post

then your thoughts she only wanted your money

now, every reason to hate her

so, when you come back and say, I love her and cant leave her

you better know, we won’t be too accepting

do you realize that?

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@Daze, @Wave, Yes, I definitely realize that. My psych team members aren’t too accepting of it all either. It’s been going on for the last fourteen years with us. This woman just can’t stay away from me. She keeps calling me up out of the blue after months and even years of absence and tells me she’s “lonely” and I am a sucker for that and I always take her back because I still love her. And then, this woman drags me through the mud all over again. It’s a repeated cycle.

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I’m not Ann Landers

I have no idea

but you seem like a broken record

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I apologize for concerning you guys about it all. It’s not appropriate to address my romantic joys and sorrows on this forum. I will not mention anything about it again.

No it’s fine @SkinnyMe.
Sounds like a toxic relationship and you want to protect yourself.

My ex wife was toxic and I broke all ties with her.

Good luck Gina.

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My ex fiancee tried on here desperately to get ahold of me and got kicked off for giving her personal info but the mods contacted me and I got to write julie from the email that she had incliuded in a post on here…so I got to talk to her for about two months before she disappeared on me…I contacted my ex daughter in law through Julie and she confirmed that Julie had died…I didn’t ask how…I know how…anyways…she was corresponding with me a long time to see if she could talk me into coming out there to her in florida…broike my heart…all she talked about was suicide and how firmly she believed in it and the then she waited until I had lost computer service for about three weeks and then I couldn’t reach her on email anymore so I went on facebook and befriended my ex daugter in law…we are close now on facebook…

That’s what I need to do @Wave, is break all ties with her. Be grown up and responsible and break all ties. But, every time I see her, or hear her voice, I just melt. I can’t help it.


It’s tough @SkinnyMe.
I understand.

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You’re allowed to post relationship issues on this forum. Keep talking about it if it makes you feel better, and if we can all chip in with our own thoughts to help give you some guidance.

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