I'm tired of your bad-mouthin'

Understand your man


He had a unique voice but he wasn’t a very good singer. Now Imma go hide since y’all are gonna start throwing rotten tomatoes at me.

Uh-huh right, ok… (goes to retrieve pitchfork)


I just got home from buying asparagus on sale. How are you at dodging stringy vegetables?

I heard someone say Frank Sinatra was just an average singer. I heard someone once say that Linda Randstad cannot sing, she just “shouts” her songs.

I heard someone say Elvis Presley was an awful singer and way over-rated.

I read about a year age when someone claimed John Lennon had the worst rock voice. They called his voice “weak”. Last week, someone was talking about John Lennon online. They claimed he had the best voice and best vocals in music history.

No one is immune to being dissed but you have to look at these musicians body of work during their careers. They were all at the top of their field at some point. Bad singers don’t have 10, 25, 40 year careers.

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I am kind of burned out on Johnny Cash at the moment…I’ve listened to all my favorite songs I can fathom right now…I still play Folsom Prison Blues on the guitar and sing that one too…that’s enough…

Asparagus is fine. Just let me grab my umbrella.

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