I'm taking a little break from creepy/late night radio

And I’m sorry to say folks, it might be permanent.

I mean I might end up looking like the cat in @everhopeful’s meme if I keep listening to some of the insane things they talk about in these shows. LOL.

Just kidding though.

We’ll see how long I can keep my dial on the oldies.



I still listen to creepy podcasts. But to be honest I just take them with a grain of salt. :radio:

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I have no idea how you listen to that stuff in the first place!

I’d never sleep!

This break is going to be tough, but probs going to be good for your psyche.

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Reminds me of being addicted to horror stories being told on Youtube, I still listen to them but I think it’s time for a break from them…they have a tendency to make me just a bit paranoid!


@Cipher Yeah when it comes to the horror genre I can’t do much of the modern movies. The literature doesn’t bother me too much though. But yeah, a break might be a good idea from those.

@anon54386108 Those are my sentiments, in regards to the break being good for my psyche. I might even leave the station on religious music at night from now on.

@everhopeful Good on you my friend.


My favorite used to be an am channel that had a show called Coast To Coast.

They talked about the corniest things. very Sci Fi in nature.

I still remember it cause pirates. I didnt know there were pirates in our modern world. It set off a whole pirate thing in my world as my son was still little.

So, of course we had to check out these modern day pirates. That was 20 yrs ago.

We are still looking up pirates today.

I also used to love to wake up Saturday and Sunday mornings to fishing and gardening shows.

Love those old shows. I listened to them on my old 1980’s clock radio. The kind made out of plastic wood, if you remember them?

I would love to find another clock radio like that one again.


Haha! I do remember those old clock radios :slight_smile:

Coast to Coast is still on the air. That’s one of the shows I was referring to. It’s pretty rad when they talk about the sci-fi stuff. Lately though it’s been too serious for my taste.

Take care @macy :v:

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I used to listen to Coast to Coast in the 90s/early 00s, was fun stuff with all the alien abduction / paranormal talk. I eventually moved on to Alex Jones for my conspiracy theory fix, but ever since getting ill I can’t really listen to it much, they talk about satanic pedophile rings and such, it makes me too angry and uncomfortable.

Now I enjoy Max Keiser’s Keiser Report, it’s much more tame, but still edgy.


ok. I have been putting off getting one those scanner - weather channel radios, but now I got to move it up the priority list.

I have been to many second hand stores but cant find a clock radio like i used to have.

I would love to here Cooast to Coast again.

And there was a time in my life, I did this thing called wallowing. It is when one just lays in bed going in and out of sleep and enjoying having absolutely nothing else on the brain. I did my best wallowing to those garden and fishing shows.

Oh. Good times! Happy Times!


That stuff causes me to relapse combined with energy drinks.

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I have, oddly enough, have the tendency to avoid general news and opinion oriented talk shows. Sometimes I feel as if the messages are directly aimed at me and that I’m the only one listening. The more fantastic the content, the more comfortable I become…
And yes, I still have a fake wood clock radio. A comfort totem, I suppose…

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You must have the last surviving one!

I really hope it’s not the last one! Too much responsibility…lol

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Does yous still work?!?

Mine stopped.

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Still works but my area is full of conservative and self-rightous news talk…creepy

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Hey @insidemind, have you ever read A Brief History of Time?

I tried reading it a little while ago and it’s a little too complex for me.

I might read A Short History of Nearly Everything instead.


I read it a few months ago. It was challenging.

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