Im so tired

im so tired of having to explain to people and doctors about scars and bruises

i get blood work every month for clozaril and they always bruise me and look at me like i shoot up

also doctors and nurse see scars from when i use to cut

i have to tell them im safe and stable and working with the act team and some ask my diagnose and i feel ashamed telling them im sz

does anyone have to go threw this every time medical treatment is needed

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I’m sorry that you go through this. I have learned in my life that I can’t read other people’s thoughts nor are their thoughts my business. If they want to have an opinion or make up stories about your bruises and scars let them. People who judge and jump to conclusions are going to think what they want no matter what you say anyway. If I was in your shoes, and in some ways I have been, I would just stop thinking I knew what they were thinking and stop explaining. If someone asked me a direct question and I felt that it was their business and I felt like opening up about it, then I would explain. When you become tired of doing something it may be a sign that you aren’t supposed to be doing it anymore.

I hope this makes sense and is helpful. You’ve obviously already been through a lot. It’s almost like reopening these wounds over and over again. Stop. You aren’t obligated to make sense to other people.


@Leaf ty it just really bothers me now

sz sux and once people find out they think you are dangerous and must need to be medicated

My scars are a story of what I’ve been through. They are my reality. They are me. I am not ashamed of them. I see them in the mirror and am glad because they make me recognizable to myself.

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