Sensitive topic, scar excuses

So about a year ago I tried to leave via deep cuts. They healed quite nicely. I was stupid and cut on my arm because I wasnt really thinking about how it would look. Anyway, they still are quite apparent. It was 70 stitches in total, and I’m worried about what to say if someone asks.

I was thinking of saying I’m a bush nerd and took a nasty fall -believable?
What would you say?

Cuts are also rather jagged, any tattoo ideas? Would a tattoo even cover it up? Also in todays world, would you say it can be acceptable to have tattoos in the workplace?


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Tattoos are so mainstream these days. Over here full sleeves aren’t unusual.

As to scars. Say it was a compound fracture or something. Most people will accept things at face value most of the time.

As to ideas…plenty of solid coverups that look good. I’m no expert but something you like and a good tattoo artist helps. They are the experts on dealing with damaged skin.

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If you feel bad about it when they ask tell them its a sensitive subject and in your case thats the truth.

I don’t think Tattoos are cheap so in the mean time if it still causes you a lot of grief I suggest a cloth wrapping. If its hot where you are just a light linen bandage when you go out. People don’t generally deserve to be told your life story so if you don’t want to give it, just tell em that got an injury. If you like sports say it was sports related or if you do any home projects say you had a run in with the table saw. Either way what matters is how you feel about being asked and how you feel about telling them off. If lies feel bad don’t lie just tell them its not their concern.


Compound fracture is a good idea. I’ll use that, thanks.

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Usually “I got scratched by a cat” works.

Or, “I had a surgery.”

Also, it’s none of other people’s business- I hate it when I get asked questions about my scars. So don’t take the remarks of others personally.

You could also wear long sleeves, wear bracelets, etc.


I think the fracture is a good idea, if you want to not tell.

I have a few scars. All done in severe psychosis. People never ask and i never cover. That works best for me. It got easier. Now i forget, dont care what people think.

In 5 years maybe 4 people explicitly mentioned it. I never lie, but said things like “that is from a less happy time in my life” (first date, very intrusive and upsetting, didnt know what to say) or “i will tell you later” (boyfriend). If someone would ask now i would say i dont want to talk about it. Unless i know someone well enough, then they can hear the story.

It is for you to decide. Never feel obliged to tell, nor obliged to make something up…just what you feel best about. And maybe you will also be less self-aware of it in a while.

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I’m a lifelong cat owner who scars easily. I’ve actually had people ask me if I cut because of what my hands and forearms look like – faint lines all over. “Not me, but my cats.” They buy it (especially because it’s true).


Wow, thanks for your share. How has the underlying emotions and cognition been over the year since that?

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