I'm So Tired Of Pizza

Give me some fuckig vegetables ffs


go get som’ its a sad condition to get tired of pizza’ almost surialistic

My car is broken

Can you visit a food bank, @anon1571434?

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Sorry @anon1571434 151515151515

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find out in the store if it’s possible to make deliveries, there’s a situation where your body is screaming oxygen for vegetables, in any case maybe you have a banana or an apple?

All I have is cash

Are you on a bus route?

So maybe walking outdoors in spite of the cold will do you good, is it really far?



My Dad is going to loan me his truck tomorrow anyway


Order a pizza with veggies :thinking:

I wish I could eat pizza :frowning:

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I like to marinade meet in bbq sauce and boil potatos and fry onion.

Do any Chinese restaurants deliver? They have lots of veggies.