I'm so sad

I get constantly ignored all the time, I dont understand. Because I post things people just dont respond to, is it because it’s so god damn boring??? I dont mean to cry for attention, it’s just that… I’m so tired of being forgotten, and ignored and when someone opens my post, they just click right out of it wether it’s on instagram, snapchat, facebook. And so on. I know it… Dont ask me why because it’s a whole nother story.

Right now I’m SO annoyed by my mother she’s so mean to my brother and it’s all things that can be interpret(ed)?? In different ways, but I think I see things clearly


I avoid social media (snapchat, facebook etc etc). I don’t think it’s healthy for me.


Facebook is a business. When businesses promote “awareness campaign”, promote posts, everything requires payment at the end of the month.

What I am saying is Facebook isn’t an entertainment or social media.


Oh my that’s so horrible. I knew it but didnt see it or understand it til now. Thanks!!!

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On this site, you only joined three hours ago, but you’ve already gotten four likes, and you’ve gotten replies on every one of your topics. If you’d like, you can make a topic introducing yourself to the forum and sharing a bit about your story. New users always get a warm welcome when they do that.

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To much social media out there, better to have one good friend in real life, They been having on the news to many people are spending to much time on social media and should be out there doing more activities and less on adding cyber friends.

Welcome to the forum, hope you have fun here