I'm on the movie roll

So far, via online free movies, I have watched…

  1. — THE ENDLESS, 2) — TIME TRAP, 3) — ALIEN CODE, 4) — ALTER HOURS, and I am now watching, — THE FOURTH KIND.

The first 3 were pretty good.

Any recommendations for more sci-fi movies MOVIES.

  • Red Planet
  • THX-1138
  • Event Horizon


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I will check. Other than Netflix movies, I only watch stuff that I can get for free online.

So far, in The Fourth Kind movie, all that has happened is that a bunch of separate people are telling their psychiatrist that they have been seeing a white owl staring at them through their window. I hope it picks up a bit more, soon.

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Thor isn’t sci fi but it is fantasy and funny as hell. I am watching the trilogy. another one on netflix is the first season of Game of Thrones…looking forward to seeing it again.

4th kind? Hmm! It’s not exciting and there is no sense of closure. But I hope you like it. :blush:

One good thing so far, one patient busted the psychiatrists lamp. LOL

The only thing I like about that movie is the ending cuz then I was able to start something else. Sorry. I’m a movie snob.:joy:

I saw Blade Runner years back, and I was just in a hotel room where the sequel came on the TV. Both were pretty enjoyable.


The Fourth Kind was a dud. Oh well.

Blade Runner, a classic indeed.

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The sequel to Blade Runner was just on HBO . . .

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I found the sequel to Blade Runner free online. Same place as I got all the other videos.

All I have is Netflix and free air TV. I get on average about 40 free channels with my indoor air antenna. The rest of the movies and TV shows I watch I access via GoMovies and 123. It took a while though to know how to block off all of the adds, including the pop-up web page adds, along with the fake Microsoft warning page.

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