I'm on t.v everywhere and it's not a delusion

Including cable?

yes…thanks. I’m glad that they are opening this issue to the public.

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darling 1, I am not a star. I am an example to the cruelty of men.
2. I thing it can be fun only for awhile, after that being famous sounds like hell.

Hi @ola ,good morning.
Im sorry for your situation.
Do you feel better today?

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H, thanks. my reality is for shore better then before this. suddenly people send me messages of regret. they understand now. and I represent the mentally ill that suffer from cruelty because of the illness.
so yes. I have dun something good from this evil that happened in my life.
and people buy paintings…now I can built a real studio…


It’s not?..

I realy wish you will heal somehow after this,
it takes a nerve to stand for yourself alone.
Wish you well …

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I’m sorry this happened to you. But, it’s great something good came out of it.

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well, life is life. I have art, I have hope and strength. it will be fine…

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Just hang around more often :slightly_smiling_face:
You have Eastern Europe last name.
Is it Ukrainian,Polish …You dont have to answer…
I read a lot about life of Israeli people in Europe before the ww2,so …