I'm not doing good

Please forgive me…


what happened @anon20318121 ? you are forgiven for whatever you think you did.


Does not matter. No one blames you. Try to feel good again. Do something fun. Play runescape or something.


I forgive you . You forgive yourself and accept yourself . Be greatful … are you ok ?

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I don’t know what you’re talking about but I know as people we all need it. So whatever it is I forgive you.

Hugs to you, you’ll get through it :heart:

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You’ve done nothing for which you need to be forgiven. We all have periods when we’re down. Don’t take it out on yourself.

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Fell better @anon20318121 you didn’t choose this.

dont worry @anon20318121 its ok

its all good :slight_smile:

Hang in there @anon20318121, you are forgiven.

@anon20318121 Are you okay?

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I cannot remember long enough to hold a grudge against any user or mod… i wouldnt worry toi much…

What happened brosky…!!!

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