Im leaving here, nobody likes me...!1

i tried but i am being blanked


I like you. Don’t leave.

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I like you. I like your quotes

And your have you received the money? Lol!!

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I like your posts and quotes brother.

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@san_pedro I appreciate your humor


Nobody likes me is a crazy statement when there are dozens of regulars and potentially thousands of views on a public global forum. There’s plenty of people who like you when you consider those numbers.

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I like you. I think you’re funny.

I digg you.

I think you are great.

You don’t post that often but I definitely like seeing you around and appreciate your input to the forum.

IDK. It seems like a lot of people like you and treat you pretty well. Just sayin.

Well, good luck. We’ll keep the coffee on for ya.

i like you pedro. I vote for pedro

ok i was in bad form las night, i changed my mind im staying here, long live


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