All I posted was based on love

Yes most of my posts


The thing about your posts is there is no substance.
Do you know how to talk?

Ok goodbye

Where u going?

Two insults on a love thread

Ah Jaysus

It’s not meant as an insult. Not many people post 4 words.

Ok no offence taken

anyway ive thick skin

enjoy ur day

I always enjoy your posts, @pedro27 . And I think your mostly philosophical posts are just chock full of substance. Keep them coming @pedro27 .


I like most of your posts

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I enjoy most of your posts too.


I like a lot of your quotes Pedro

You are pretty resourceful with the good quotes

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I enjoy your posts especially your memes.

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I skip over many of your posts. You start a bunch of superfluous nonsense and never contribute to anybody else’s threads.


I have to say that I also love reading the poetry of a certain much beloved member of our forum and wish you wouldn’t criticize his poems/posts! I don’t understand what is going on there but probably not my business anyway.

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