Im kinda pissed off!

So theres this guy that lives in my village and Ive just heard he got into trouble somehow at the pub last Friday.

This guy used to be my friend back in the day and about 3 years ago he moved away from my village and was in a heavy car accident which resulted in brain damage.

When he came back he was definatly abit slow from the impact on his brain.

However my mom told me that she read on Facebook that he caused serious trouble ( fighting ) I presume at the local pub up the road.

His dad made this huge statement saying hes Schizophrenic. The other people are all talking about how dangerous schizophrenia is and that he is a danger to everyone.

I didnt know he was SZ and I dont believe he is. I spoke to him when he was back and he unfortunatly could hardly even remember me, since when do SZ people forget so much ?

It just pisses me off cause I think the father used that as a bullshiit story to get him off the hook.

Anyways, rant over


I get your anger. Unfortunately having an illness is still not understood. I’ve never tried to not use this as an excuse. My sister does that and it annoys me.

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I’m not sure what your mad about, can you explain? Is it because people are talking bad about those who have schizophrenia, or that he didn’t remember you?

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