Im just upset

Maybe im just upset because im being tortured, yeah that might be it to be honest.

Im being tortured and there is no way out for me.

I would have been positive but torture tends to change things up a bit.

They showed up a while back and haven’t left me alone since, im just being drugged to death and im in pain, just a bit upset.

It hit me one day though that that is just what it is for everyone, maybe i would have been okay for awhile but it would have just happened anyway. It always does to. What would it have been if not for this thing they imagine is schizophrenia? Probably would not have been better at all.

Demons will burn your entire life.

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It feels like I’m being tortured to an extent. But the real loss is when you let it make you hopeless.

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**Are you in physical pain?
What would have to happen to help you feel better? ( don`t say Barbitol! :grimacing:)
What about changing your living situation? What does your doctor say about how you feel? **

send your demons to me …i love destroying demons…
take care :alien:


I didn’t let it happen, im just me, we’re like cogs in a clock. I be hopeless yes, it’s just me. It just kind of happened within, like a switch. Maybe it’s the mangled woman i saw online, she keeps popping up again and again, her head was split and i could see her teeth but it wasn’t a face anymore. I have the right to be hopeless don’t i?

Yes it’s become more and more physical from meds. If i don’t take the meds they will harm me very badly and ill probably end up across country like i did twice now. People don’t know what they can do to you inside, the meds are better still even though it’s physical now.

How do you do that sith? They don’t do what i say.