I'm greatful for my life now

I’m nearing 40 years of age. I just want to stability withe my meds and that’s going forward. I will be dealing with this the rest of my life. Love y’all Im here to chat when I’m online. This has been the best forum I’ve been apart of. Goodnight


Going back into the background.

Good to see you well @roxanna

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I’m glad you’re feeling better rox! We appreciate you.


Hi @roxanna, are you feeling a little better today?

Yes. Thanks for asking. How are you?

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Happy Holidays @roxanna!

Glad to hear you’re feeling better, @roxanna!

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I’m glad you feel better @roxanna! It’s good to enjoy life :slight_smile: I’m happy for you


Satisfied. I’m sitting in my car drinking milk and listening to the Beatles. It sounds like you’re getting a little relief from neighbors. Good for you.


I’m glad to hear things are improving! :blush:

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I am glad we have you here @roxanna! I hope the best for you.

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well that’s great @roxanna I hope you enjoy your stability !!

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