Im going get in trouble

I watch a video on youtube of a babysitter trying to burn a baby.
i commented kill her ass, she deserves the death penalty. it got deleted. Are going to report the police for threat.


You’re fine. I probably would have posted the same thing.

Just stop engaging so much in social media. I call it “action/ reaction”. You post something, and then you stew about it for weeks wondering if any fallout will come from it.

Just chill for a while with those other websites.


I was expressing my anger, i should thought twice. I search google people go to jail for threats. Im paraniod. I commented it again shes a monster, she deserves the death penalty and got deleted again.

I doubt it, you have to say really bad things to catch the attention of the police.

I said kill her ass, she deserve death penalty thats bad right. Man why did say that. Felt so bad for the baby, she left on stove to burn, the baby survived. It was caught all on camera. I was just expressing my feelings but i think i cross the line there.

should i be worried, was this considered a direct threat at her.

you should just get rid of your youtube account then you cant comment on things.

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Freedom of speech

How come that video is still on youtube and not reported? You shouldn’t comment, you should just report the video, there is a report button/link.


is not actually a video of a babysitter burning child on the stove, is video clip of news telling a babysitter burning a child on a stove.

so you gave us false information from the beginning… yeah delete your youtube account dude.


okay deleted, why do i delete my account. should i be worried. Was that an actual threat.

zeno are you sure saying kill her ass is not bad?

I see many comments like that, I really doubt the police is doing something about it, at least in my country.

i ask an attorny he said a the same thing, is not a consider a threat, No one would believe i will follow through with it. thanks.

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