I'm feeling so so today

Yea u know when there’s ups and downs and downs and ups.
What would u like for Christmas if u could choose?
I’d want
Gift vouchers for my favourite shops.


have you seen those Peace/Hippie boots?

I really want those.

I almost bought some for my daughter

they’re wild looking. heehee.

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Nope I’ll hav to check them out now…

I get ads for them on Facebook

can’t remember the company

Wow they’re truly bright.
Hm don’t think they’d suit me but I can imagine them suiting someone else.

I got some that look somewhat like these recently n I’ve been wearing them a lot. I like them

yeah, Phil wouldn’t like me wearing them

but I think they’re awesome

other than that

I hope for earrings

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I have not done any Christmas shopping yet might go to Barnes and nobles soon today


wow, those look really sturdy

great for winter too.

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Lols eight people read this :neutral_face:

I don’t think those Read things are accurate

I’ve mentioned it before, but everybody blew it off.

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Yeah i know all about the ups and downs and downs and ups, being sza. The one thing i wanted for Christmas was not to be overwhelmed and stressed out and i got it because i decided not to participate this year. I just don’t have it in me.

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yea who knows. Maybe. But it’s fine anyways just thought I’d mention it

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Yea just do what u can cope with, if possible :slight_smile:

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I’ve always had good luck at Barnes and Noble

I’m a big patron.

2 years ago I got Phil a model ship, he loved it.

I bought a lot online from there this year.

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