I'm Feelin Good

The kid is back…

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Off of all meds now…

My world has gone from black and white to colour!

Coming off meds is God’s way of saying things were going too well. (I’m not sure God exists, but you get my drift)

I’m pulling for you @Patrick!!!

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What kid is back?

He talking about himself chordy.

Huh? Why may I ask?

This isn’t good. I don’t recommend any of you go off of your meds without your doctor’s knowledge…

I’m chain smoking…guzzling coffee…and having obsessive thoughts. But in another way, I’m starting to feel like my old self again. Humor is coming back…libido is back…no restless legs when I sleep.

I see my Pdoc in 11 days. I’m just going to try to ride the wave till I see him.

Yeah as long as your pdoc has approved of this but I don’t advise it. You should learn from me lol

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Well, the way a lot of us learned to stay on our meds was seeing what happened when we came off them. Me included.


I feel I’m at a real crossroad…

Part of me wants my old self back. I’m tired of being a stoned-out blubberfish coasting through life. But I’m not sure if my body can tolerate the old me. Before my diagnosis, I took everything to the nth degree…with sometimes good results, and sometimes not. But at least I was truly me.

Anyhoo, i know no man is an island, but I feel I really have to fight again to once again become who I was meant to be.

What does this mean? You’re not going to the prime minister again are you?

You know what I think about this whole thing. I won’t go on and on. But I wish you the best.

We just can not go back in time, as I remember you have two lovely daughters, what we meant to be is a good question. There was once a time when I wanted to be an international diplomat but it did not go in that way. You are at my age, I hope you find yourself who you really are.


I just want the real person I was born into back.

We’ll see. Only time will tell if i can pull this one off.

Well, the way I see it, we were born to be psychotic, and that’s not a good thing. But also we’re born to be so much more than that, and you still have your sense of humour, your wife, your girls, your life. Do you really want to put all that in jeopardy because you feel more like yourself psychotic?

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I’d rather die standing than live life on my knees.

Me too. But I prefer standing sane than standing crazy.

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As pixel once said, (something like) “before I was good at getting myself into trouble, and now I’m good at staying out of it”.

Plus you’ve got a family, it’s just not about you anymore. Never mind about ‘time will tell’, you know how it’s going to end.

You were doing well on abilify. You had side effects but they were tolerable. We all have side effects.

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