Im fading away

I think im fading.

I don’t think im gonna make it.

Are you physically fading? Or is your body just so tired your winding down?

Please don`t fade! Are you tired?

“I will not fall, I will not fade, I will take your breath away”

From this song. I listened to this a lot in my worst times. It came true! Now Im a badass little mouse!

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Sleeping always helps me. No matter what is wrong I always feel better when I wake up.

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I’ve hit places over the years when I had to keep myself from fading. I’m still here though diminished. It can be very tempting.

we all feel like rubbish sometimes it is normal , muggles feel the same way.
as sz we get lost in our own little worlds but most if not everyone else has tonnes of problems.
plato said “be kind to all, for you know not the battles they may be fighting…”
hope you are feeling better.
take care

At one time I felt that my brain batteries had vanished. I was running on nothing.

In other words I was probably pretty low on dopamine and other neurotransmitters. The rate of production of these neurotransmitters was exceeded by the rate of consumption by a long shot.

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