Dead again

I mean still, but again. yet.

There’s bugs eating my flesh. I can feel them crawling on me, biting me, i can’t see, I am in an afterlife, my body is somewhere else, what’s the point

What’d the point going to work doing anything at all . Posting on this forum . Fake. Fake. Fake. Cool.

Organic flesh decay, plastic minds

Unborn chicken voices in my head

Sorry you’re struggling so much @Moon

Struggle over dead

Sounds like you are dealing with a lot. Do these episodes usually end on their own?

What episodes 15

I also feel dead sometimes.
It’s because I can’t realize that i am alive.
Everything seems so incredible and strange.
Probably i am dead- this is the conclusion often.

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Yup yup big same

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Sorry, I just assumed these things were periodic

No this is the first I’ve felt bugs biting me

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Do you also feel your body decaying

I have no body.

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It might seem a lame question, but how is your sleep? I know when I’m tired, it hugely impact my symptoms.

Really hoping for some relief for you

Poor. I’ve been sleeping an average of 4 hours a night since the beginning of April. I wake up several times a night with anxiety. I slept 3 hours last night

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İ used to feel that my tooth decay spreading my brain when i was really pschicotic

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That would be rough on anyone

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I was manic from April until two weeks ago. Now I’m depressed as hell

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sorry to hear you are struggling @Moon

but i think you should tell your pdoc about it, especially that you don’t get much sleep.

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