I'm Bored!

It’s interesting to me but I’ve been finding the things I’ve been doing to pass time are no longer doing their job.

Like I’m actually looking for other things to do rather than internet, gaming or watching tv etc. I’m branching out and it’s increasing the times I look to do things like exercise.

If I get through this next bit of health work I’ve got to say that things are looking up. It’s nice to feel pleasure again. It really is and I think it’s a pretty profound thing to feel boredum again…It’s been a while!


Thats big. There’s so much in the world to enjoy if you are able to.

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Being bored is a good thing

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This reminds me of my all time forum quote, from @everhopeful

I don’t mind being bored. It means I’m not in emotional distress.

Wise words.


Yes. Being bored forces me to find an object of interest, to spread my wings and dare to fly another course.

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so good to read the good news rogueone, keep inspiring us all please.



im bored all the time with only short reprieve when i can get involved in something distracting from it


Do you get negatives?

It’s surprising to me to feel some boredum again. I’ve definitely had improvements in feeling pleasure too.

ya ive always had negatives since i was a kid

did u not feel boredom before cause i cant feel it and did u feel boredom with or without negs

Yes before meds. Not medicated. I’ve been pretty stable for years so it’s crazy feeling a bit bored lately. Usually I can occupy my time doing certain things like pc gaming but it’s changing.

Actually getting some pleasure from some activities and some boredum is pretty good too. My positives have improved as well but improvement in negatives I’ll take any day of the week.

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thats good
i hope you best of wishes

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Buy fishing rod and go fishing and you will never be bored again

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