I'm Bored. Does Anybody Want To Watch Anything?

There is a website where we can watch things together and speak in a chatroom like here on sz.com. You can watch anything on the web so long as you have the web address. I have netflix if there is anything on there that suits your fancy. So what say you - do you guys have anything to watch?


Nice offer!



I’d love too but I have to help my dad with dinner first.


I’m watching cycle around Japan on nhk. Might try other nhk documentaries later, they are entertaining to me… Very calming.


My neighbor invited me to sit and chat and have a glass of wine. I had two and then bought a 24 oz Coors.
I just wrote two gigantic and bombastic posts. One was actually pretty spot on, but the other two were probably just too long. I think i should strum a few chords on me electric twanger. I’m too dorky to handle my wine/beers and be writing stuff here.
Have a lovely night @anon1571434, @Jayster, @Noise, and @anon62973308. If what i wrote is too weird, i guess i can get rid of it. But i meant every word i wrote to @Andrew, I honestly think he’s too smart for his own good (that is not an insult) and i do wish him the best!


What website is this?


i think im too shy to watch anything with someone online. maybe one day hmm

Well if this ever takes off with people, I’ll keep doing it and you can join when you are ready. :heart:


yo do you like deathgrips?

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ha yeah i do, quite a bit

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