Are you bored? here you go

Wanna know if people want to add to a thread called are you bored.
Simple as it goes;
Are you bored?
Here are a list of things to do.
Netflix 90s stream of nickelodeon & carton network will be free on release

anyone want to add anything?
games/streams/hobbies/movies/tv shows/docs whatever?

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Lol. I used to play runescape all the time in my teens. I play agario now and then. My nickname on agario is Kenforce or bigboystatus. I used to put " ■■■■ you " as the name for my blob.

i was just playing agar but it gets boring fast if you aren’t the big cell.
Yeah I played RS a bit in my teens too,
not as much now as an adult, rarely ever actually the community is kind of toxic but I’ve followed it a bit since leaving - and heard of the darkscape thing so it sort of fits a theme some people are interested in and since it’s free, well it’s free. ya know haha

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Hey @rollies,
Thanks for the attempt, I am not that bored. Although it is 3:53am and all slept out so I am cruising the forums. Who else is awake and…semibored and wants to chat?

I don’t have Netflix :sob:

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But I have Cartoon Network :smiley:

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I used to play '

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