I'm all alone all night!

Mr. CJ is working overnights and pulling 80 hour weeks this whole month! I can’t fall asleep alone, and neither can he. I seriously don’t know how I’m going to survive this month. And now I’m working days, so I leave before he wakes up and come back after he leaves for work. It is seriously f*cking lonely in my house right now! I am ready for October to just curl up in a ball and die!

I am not an introvert by nature. I need people around me constantly or I go insane. Literally!

Sorry guys, I just need to vent. You people are the only ones around right now.


Dive into a good book, CJ. That might help get you through the week! :wink:


hope you feel better.

you could try one of those full length body pillows for sleeping possibly

someone needs a cuddle

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A book is a really good idea. I have a few Terry Prachets I’ve been meaning to start.

I’m alone tonight too. I could chose that or to be dragged in yet another night club to listen same old stuff and get my hair and clothes flavoured with smokes and booze.
Thanks, but I’ll suffer on my own.

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I’m alone every night. Judgment free-zone for me. Do as I please when I please.

Bah I can’t handle this! Screw it, I’m having a beer. Maybe I will be able to relax. TV is boring, books aren’t catching my interest, nobody is online. I hate being alone!

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