Obviously one big f u tw

I yelled at the neighbors and myself. I guess I’ll never learn my delusions. I give up.

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Godzilla just said gay.


You’re acknowledging that they may be delusions, instead of following them blindly, that’s something


I take my meds like I’m supposed to.


Great since my yelling they’re moving ad slamming ■■■■ around.

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I said this about a year ago. I think to help yourself you have to make a change to improve your situation or your life. I’m 58 but when I was younger I had to make changes that I basically had no control over. But they were good for me whether I liked them or not.

So I went to a day program to get me out of the house during a real terrible relapse. I went three or four days a week and played board games and charades and sat through groups and went for walks and cooked lunch etc. And I did that for months. I did not love it but the alternative was sitting home alone all day doing nothing with zero money.
That’s one example. I attended a couple of vocational programs that kept me busy and resulted eventually into jobs. Those were three examples.

It was hard to enjoy those things because I was shy and not talkative except to a few people. I wasn’t popular but I don’t think anybody hated me. I don’t like change now but I was a lot more flexible and adaptable when I was in my twenties and thirties.

You’re still young and adaptable and change can be easy sometimes. Sometimes changes are no big deal but if you could just find something to do besides obsessing about neighbors it might really, open some doors and lead to better circumstances or relief. But you have to bite the bullet and take a chance and join something. It doesn’t have to be a program, it could be having a mental health worker come to your house for a chat and lunch. It could be volunteering one day a week.

Anything is better than nothing. You will never beat these neighbors, in fact things could get worse. But you make your own luck. Take control of your life and find some activity, somewhere to go. I mean aren’t you at the point where doing anything no matter how hard or uncomfortable would be better than what you’re doing now?

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Yes it sure would Nick. I have a bicycle. I can go crochet in the library. I need to give up stupid worries. It’s gonna be really


Yeah @roxanna, those are both good starts. I still have to get out of the house myself when I just can’t stand it anymore. I’ll go to Jack-in-the-Box or to the park or just take a drive or sometimes I go in some store and just look around for awhile for something to buy. I am welcome to take walks at my sisters mobile home park but I’ve only done it a few times.


Sounds fun. I’m thinking of going to a book shop tomorrow. Yelling or not.


@77nick77 had great advice. Getting out of the house could really help you! Are you interested in attending a program?

Yeah, that’s a great idea. Bookstores are usually quiet and peaceful. When I first got sick when I was 19 and extremely psychotic I found a bookstore near my group home and regularly used to walk there and browse the store for an hour or two. Nobody noticed me, no one bothered me. That was my thing.

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I never said I was perfect.

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out of line @gobeyond for her to address her neighbors is a terrible idea…


Yeah I’m not going to confront someone that has a gun. No.


Forgiveness for what?

@roxanna I think it’s just voices because you hear them away from your apartment too.

It really sounds like you’ve been completely obsessed and stalking your neighbors daily for over a year. Maybe since your constantly flipping out and yelling at them and watching them non stop they bang on the floor above you when they”re walking, but 99% of it is in your head. Have they ever called the police on you? They’re probably scared of you!

Roxanna, you live in Georgetown, yes? It’s possible that some or all of your neighbors are college students, especially if rent and stuff is cheap. Don’t you think it’s possible that your neighbors are simply rowdy kids trying to have fun in a small space? Like, if there are 5 students living there with different class and work schedules, it may sound like you’re being followed, when in reality, people are coming and going, leaving and returning to rooms, going in and out of the bathroom near constantly, etc.

I am 100% certain that your neighbors aren’t following you around your house and listening to your every move. Unless you’re literally stomping everywhere you go, slamming doors, and speaking out of a megaphone every time you open your mouth, it’s physically impossible for most of the sounds you make moving around your home through the floors or ceilings. And say you do make a lot of noise moving about. Sound waves aren’t very precise. It’s not like they have x-ray vision. They have no way of pinning your exact location. They can only tell where you’ve been. On top of that, people have to sustain life. They have to eat, which means they have too keep a job, which means they have to sleep. No one is capable of following you around all day.


Im not obsessed let’s get that right.

Their minions do it when they’re gone.

No offense, but you kind of are. Tell me, what and how long do you think and talk about literally anything other than your neighbors? It’s not your fault, of course; that’s just what psychosis does; but either way, I’ve been told that developing self awareness is super important.

Okay, I’ll bite. How did you come to find out about these minions? How do you know whether it’s a minion or a human harassing you?

If you believe this is so real, then why haven’t you called the police? Is it because at least some small part of you has some well-placed reasonable doubt?