I'm a snake!


So this weekend I got REALLY sunburnt on my shoulders and chest, it blistered too, and it had finally stopped hurting yesterday, and now it’s peeling, so I kinda feel like a snake. Hey! Since I’m ‘shedding’ maybe I’ll finally grow! I’m only 5’, and yah know snakes shed when they are growing, so maaayyybbbeeee.


I’m 5’, too. Can’t reach those high cupboards and the center of the windshield.


XD Right!, or when you’re trying to reach something in the middle of the table, so your like laying on the table with you legs flailing in the air trying to grab it!


ouch…I am sorry you got so burnt…that’s not good for you why didn’t you use sub block??? anyways…i hope you are more careful from now on.


I hate sunblock, and lotion, and mosquito spray, and really anything on my skin, that is with the exception of clothes, I tolerate them for obvious reasons. And I have been putting sunscreen on, well not really. I made a stencil of a rose put it on my leg, and then sprayed that part of my leg with spray sunscreen, although it was really hot today, so I gave up on it. I think I’ll try again tomorrow, anyways the point is to get a…Tantoo. I’m hoping to get it to work cause then I’d have a tan line of a flower on my leg.


well I can’t stress enough that you are endangering yourself by getting so burnt…please reconsider using a high sun block ointment. especially on your face.


I’m the same way, just hate stuff on me, but be safe lobster :stuck_out_tongue:


@jukebox M’kay, I’ll work on using sunblock, but if it’s one of the really thick nasty gross stuff, I’ll just go without, if it’s one that still works, but isn’t an inch thick then yes I shall use it, or at least attempt to remember to use it, I have a terrible memory

@Mountainman XD that should be my new nickname ‘Lobster’, but yeah I’ll work on it, and I have been drinking lots of water, and putting lavender, and aloe on my lobsterlike skin.


Yeah, but lots of snakes are short.


If you can get to a Trader Joe’s they have a spray sunscreen that goes on really easily and it’s obviously not thick at all. No white film. And it works really well.


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