I'm a mess I guess

I shouldn’t be. Life is going great. I am leaving my awful job for one where the circumstances are far better. I am engaged to the man I love.

But it feels like I have no life. When I am not being brought along to activities I have no motivation for anything. I just sit and do nothing. Nothing can hold my attention. Nothing brings me any joy (aside from my fiance who is not always around). My narcolepsy meds don’t work anymore and I’ve run out of options to try so most of the time I am in a sedated haze. When I give up and sleep all day I am abused badly by the demons.

I’ve been fantasizing about death more lately.


Hey @Anna . Congratulations on getting engaged :ring: and finding a better job !

Are you on an antidepressant ?

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Sorry you are feeling low @Anna
Keep hanging in there.

Maybe you should adjust your meds.


I’ve needed to be on one for years but they mess up my bladder so bad. Guhh. Time for a call to the psychiatrist I guess.


you have nothing to complain about, you have a fiancé and a super job despite your illness! I send you all my congratulations !!
yes maybe you should call your psy doc.
maybe an antidepressant would be nice.
good luck to you !

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Exactly I should be over the moon right now. Instead I just feel like garbage all the time. I will get into the pdoc asap thanks guys. That’s why I like coming on this forum, it helps me clear my head and find solutions.


i hope you feel better soon @Anna

good luck with the pdoc!

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It’s okay to feel like doing nothing. Let yourself relax. Work is stressful. Relationships are stressful. Your body and mind have needs. Plz take care of you. You deserve it. :heart:

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I think I was in a funk because I was not working, home alone all day and spending the day being abused by the demons. Several days of that straight would put anyone into depression. I started the first day of orientation at my job today and felt great, got home and was very productive.


I hope you feel better Anna, and stay that way.

The demon part of your posts is interesting.

I thought what was attacking me were demons; however, I have begun to think their real people; the voices and “hallucinations”; but I have no proof.

However, I can understand the “nothing” part of your post.
A “blah” feeling; lack of emotion.

I wanted to ask if you’re in therapy? If yes, how is it working? does it help Anna?

I think you need an appointment with your pdoc. You might need a mood stabilizer or something. I’m not sure what. But get evaluated so you can enjoy life more

life can get better if you find the right meds…don’t give up…you are soooo young.!!

I am in therapy and it helps me immensely and is how I have learned so many coping skills and made so much personal growth. I think therapy is amazing for anyone, mental illness or not, so long as you have the right therapist and the right type of therapy for you.

Also statistically the rates of recovery and outlook for those w mental illness is much higher that both take medicine and go to therapy versus just doing one alone.

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