Im a little confused here

I thought my cellphone was hacked, maybe it is true, but I ve read something about the cellphones put certain words by itselves sometimes, it is an automatic function, I also read that I cant enter in playstore (I thought it was hacked too) because Im using the email of my study center. So, it is hacked? Ive already bought a new one. Jeez man, maybe this hacker is making fun of me. Or maybe it is not hacked, who knows

You seems to be a victim of a lot of hackers… :thinking:

Predictive text is on a lot of phones. Most you can turn off in the settings.

It is possible to be hacked but I’d suspect a good dose of paranoia. You do sound like your paranoid and a little irrational. Time to have a chat to your doc!


yeah sounds like predictive texting. If you’re not sure have others look at it for your peace of mind.

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