I'm 100% sure I'm not schizophrenic. Am I being unreasonable?

I’m sick and tired of this issue. I’ve got my oddities, but who doesn’t? Am I deceiving myself in ways others can identify? I’ve met people online who genuinely believe that Michelle Obama is actually a transexual illuminati like every other First Lady since Eleanor Roosevelt. How are we supposed to compete with that level of lunacy? Am I crazy or just going crazy with worry over my diagnosis?

Sorry for posting so much over the last weeks. I promise I’ll take a break after this post.


Do you work or go to school? Are you disabled? Are you living independently and can take care of yourself? If you can then the rest doesn’t matter. I know people who think those things and they have families, work, function, have friends, etc.

I don’t work (I haven’t in decades), too old for school, I live at a shelter but that’s because I broke up with my wife while in hospital and had nowhere to go. But none of these things have anything to with mental illness, just circumstances, life choices and character traits.

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I don’t know your whole situation but surely the pdoc must have diagnosed you for a reason. Perhaps if it bothers you enough do you think you could get a second opinion from another pdoc?


I did, and the bugger agreed with the first one, but I was depressed at the time so they probably rushed it a bit.

Once the diagnosis is in the medical notes, a doctor loses face if s/he has to change a diagnosis, plus you are as mad as a hatter! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don’t see what making hats has got to do with this. :sleepy:

Back in the olden days when people made hats they used mercury and it made them all mad before they died.

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I know, I was joking. Mercury poisoning is no joke.


An intelligent schizophrenic person in denial can be a very difficult person for pdocs , and other MH professionals, to treat.


I’m sure that’s true, but we have to establish first that I am really ill. Not every person in denial is a denialist.

You have the label of sz now unfortunately and unless you conform to their medical standards you’ll always have it.

Those are the rules they made and you’ll have to accept it!

What does it matter anyway? You don’t want to work and have your oddities so at least you qualify for benefits.


I think you lack insight and deny your condition. It probably won’t help me saying that, but you probably got some sort of mental illness like most if not all of us here. It’s a blunt thing to say, but I had to accept my condition too. It’s not all circumstances.

Schizophrenia is not the end of the world or a death sentence, although it certainly feels that way sometimes. Clearly, you are a smart man. Maybe it’s just anosognosia or something.

I’m a conspiracy theorist but I’ve toned way back because it’s just boring and not my thing anymore. But I gravitate towards that group and way of thinking. You may not like it but I enjoy some of it. Millions do. You may not like the way I think, but that’s okay.

See, I’m convinced I was experimented on, drugged, and more. Maybe something like mk-ultra at college. I’m mostly scared about talking about it like repercussions, and I doubt there’s any proof, but I’m sort of trying to move on because there’s nothing I can do. They diagnosed me with schizo-affective disorder – depressive type. I get flashbacks of getting ECT and riding the lightening and going inter-dimensional while under it and being told I have schizophrenia or them trying to lessen my schizophrenia (probably increase it).

I can’t work or do anything. I’m okay with that. I feel like this isn’t my first life at all so I can’t do anything; prove anything; remember details.

I really don’t care or believe Michelle is a man. But I had memories I was in the Illuminati in a past life or left. It was a long time ago and I don’t care or want to be a part of it anymore.

Maybe the Illuminati/government did this to me. Was the school culpable? I don’t know. Probably.

I tried getting help at the hospitals and with doctors and therapists, but they seem to be all in on it. I’m a lost cause, statistic, and have a bad fate. A fate worse than death in some instances. My brain is like scrambled eggs sometimes.

I got memories of being hurt, time travel, aliens, mars, etc. It spans the multiverse and I feel like I’m in a causal loop. I get memories and phone calls while I’m dreaming of people telling me stuff from ‘past lives’. I’ve been discredited so many times it’s so funny. I even think I’m sort of immortal or an alien myself and that we live in a computer simulation.

I can’t work or go to school, but I don’t know. I’m worried about repercussions for talking about what they did to me.

Its very common in SZ to deal with these thought patterns, do i have it ? Do i not have it ?

The amount of times i have questioned it woulda made me a billionaire by now !


Ive always wondered about why criminals dont get a sz diagnosis, so if they ever get caught they have a safety net?

Its obviously illegal, but then they are doing illegal shiit anyways.

That would be the first thing i would do if i was in that scene !

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What you’re saying makes sense but irl people are always very surprised and sceptical when I tell them about my diagnosis.

I wouldn’t tell many people due to the stigma of sz. They will doubt your integrity and every last word you say, but that’s just me…

Maybe you are a billionaire lol. I thought I was at one time…

Perhaps, but I have very little concern for societal prejudices of that kind. The same with my friends, most of them anyway.

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In a few months you will have a flat, won’t you?

You are deemed well enough not to have to take meds.

You won’t have to work.

You have friends.

Life is all good! Realise it and let go of this obsession.

On one hand you say you don’t care about societal prejudices, but then are obsessed with a couple of doctors opinion of you. Let it go or be dragged…