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Oh. That’s awesome.

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I’ve heard of rare opportunities where a house is being sold for under $100,000 near San Diego. The house was located in a neighborhood with high crime rates and it was falling apart. I would have still bought it if I had the money. Heh. I did not mean that millenials will not own houses, I stated a large portion will never own a house. :slightly_smiling_face: I mean maybe some of us will inherit a house. I know I won’t. Section 8 is on my to do list.:sweat_smile:

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I’m very lucky that I had a good job. My home was paid off in 2008 I think. It was built in 1996. It’s now falling apart. But it shields me from the elements so…

@ilovethaifood I would say look on Craigslist for a cheap house but I’ve been on Craigslist once in my life to explore language forums. Well, they don’t talk about languages on Craigslist let me just put it that way. I won’t say anymore.


I’ve seen it before. Sometimes I watch it. I remember John Oliver back when he was in The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Heh, Stephen Colbert was also there as was Samantha Bee. Funny stuff.

Honestly, I was unaware about the amount of lawsuits Johnson and Johnson have been dealing with. A few months ago, my dad and I were talking about how Nestle owns a lot of food brands.

As for child labor and low worker wages comparable to indentured servitude for corporations producing goods in “third world” countries, “Behind every great fortune is a great crime.”

Hahah that’s a neat app. If I used it I might have to start farming chicken and I’d have to be careful where I got the hen from.:grin:


Ooh I forgot to say the link to the human rights watch was neat. :slightly_smiling_face:


I just loooovvvvveeee your lil dawgeeee! He makes me giggle…

I dont know why. Lol


Oh. Thanks. I found that site years ago.

I know somewhere in Africa they were using child slave labor to mine diamonds that were purchased by companies in the USA. Idk if it’s still happening. I don’t know what country or countries.

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That dog is incredibly cute!!! He should be mascot


I’d like to somehow take credit for how great a dog he is but… I can’t. He’s just a great dog like that, all on his own. I’ve been blessed with his presence, and his ugly mug that somehow melts your heart the longer you stare at it… it’s true. I can’t stay mad at him… he’s slid off the pizza box from the table and proceeded to eat half a pizza, once in awhile he gets so excited he’s getting attention that he pees a little, he sometimes poops inside… but alas… once I stare at him for over 5 seconds… all is forgiven. It’s difficult to make eye contact with him while eating… for self-explanatory reasons.


Job growth is up
But wage growth is down

My dad works for Amazon. Do y’all know that company is open 24/7 365? My dad had to work Xmas day. Talk about greedy. My dad makes $15/hour. Not a lot of money

Right! I mean, I’ve seen a ton of pets on the forum, but that lil dawwwgggeeee is, by far, the purest ray of sunshine.

I saw this meme, here, and loved it, too. I guess I’m a softie.

Your lil dawwwgggeeee, Poncho, right? I want to see him in a gif or movie. Every SINGLE time I see him, I just melt!


The 2020s are going to see a technological revolution. Some of the major advancements:

Software (healthcare, finance, construction, education and agriculture)

AI and robotics (autonomous vehicles and drones)

5G (communication between computers)

New tech cities (not just Silicon Valley)

Cryptocurrency will become more mainstream

My first muse: Are Uber drivers employees? Are taxi drivers employees? I think Uber drivers are not employees (as the Department of Labor has agreed) because they set their own hours, own their cars and are free to work for the company’s competitors.

I think that taxi drivers are employees because the taxi company supplies them with the taxi, collects a daily fee from the drivers for using the taxi, sets their hours, and doesn’t allow the drivers to work for the company’s competitors.

Can I throw up now???

This article is from 2018.

What global issue do you find concerning and/or affects you?

It can be more than one and it can also be something not on the list in this article. Please be respectful in observing the forum rules and guidelines.

I’ll start the conversation, while I find climate change to be of high importance, and large scale as well as religious conflicts are very worrisome, poverty, food and water security, as well as inequality are among the things that I find hard to believe still exist. Much of those things go hand in hand. Poverty affects food and water security. Education, (also on the list,) affects awareness of many of these issues which in turn changes how one might approach them. Education also in a sense, helps people realize that the idea that somehow people from a different ethnic group are inferior or are worth less as humans is nothing more than a lie (perpetuated by wealthier classes of an ethnic group). When it comes to climate change, education too, holds merit. How can a person make a change if one is unaware of the issue, what the cause is, and how it affects us?

I’ve heard a few expressions tossed around behind closed doors, or in the ideology of supremacists. “Keep weatlh white.” as well other rhetoric insinuating that somehow wealthy people care more about those in the same ethnic group than those who are not. The sad fact is that generally speaking, the latter is true. However, ultimately, many of those same wealthy people care less about others of lower economic class in the same ethnic group than those lower economic class folk do about such rhetoric. Before one points the finger and blames “white men” the same is true about wealthy people of any ethnicity although to some extent, less so depending on cultural or religious beliefs. It should also be mentioned that this is not true of all wealthy people. In fact, it is less true now than it was 50 years ago, meaning less people view the world that way now than ever before. The thing is, much of this affects inequality based on gender, race, or socioeconomic status.

Another expression I heard in a rap song of all places that has stuck with me throughout the years…

“Poverty is one of the most malignant forms of cancer.”

It got me thinking, why are there people still struggling to survive when food is abundant, so much so that tons of it are thrown in the garbage each year. How are there people in this day and age still starving and some even dying of dehydration due to lack of potable water? I think much of it boils down to lack of education and income disparity. Luckily, these problems have been lessening over the course of the last century.

Basic education is often taken for granted in technologically developed nations. The truth is, education opens the doors to people of any gender or background. To expand a person’s perspective and view of the world through knowledge and literature, that is key to making a difference in any one of these global issues. Opening one’s mind to reasoning and a scientific approach to problems has helped the quality of human life increase exponentially.

(I’m not here to argue against religious beliefs either, honestly, if viewed in a philosophical manner, the ideology behind many religions instills some form of compassion to the plight of others, unfortunately sometimes this is not applied as much to others of a different set of particular religious beliefs.)

So in essence, I think education in developing nations specifically educated women worldwide can have a major impact on many of these issues. It is said, “Behind every great man is a great woman.” I know some might argue it is a misogynistic statement, I’m not here to argue that. What I do believe is that, not only can women be great without a man leading them, men can learn a lot from women. And for that humanity can better itself.

The truth of the matter is males are incomplete without females. Otherwise we’d die off. So despite the argument that men and women cannot be equals because “Grrr! Men are strong, men have muscles!” we are two pieces of a puzzle. Now I’m not saying men are useless, or that a female in a position of leadership will immediately make the world a better place, but I am saying in the long scheme of things, it definitely can. That and I find intelligence in women an attractive trait. (So sue me, I had to throw in some good humor.)

So yes, ilovethaifood is for education and literacy. I am ilovethaifood and I approve this message. “Bill Gluckman is down with the ■■■■■■■ and hoes.” :wink:

Anyway, sorry for such a long winded post. I almost went off tangent.

What global issues are you most passionate about?


Coincidentally, I just read this article…

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Many people in Myanmar were fleeing the country and living in refugee camps (I don’t know if it’s still happening) in Thailand. Adults were bringing orphans across the border. Well, the Burmese government didn’t recognize these children and the Thai government didn’t recognize them either. When that happens the United States can’t negotiate an agreement to let US citizens to adopt these orphans. They are called Stateless children I think.

  • Stateless children are often labelled as “invisible” children since they do not appear in any official documents. Their lack of citizenship is the origin of a variety of discrimination. These children have no access to medical care, education or child protection authorities.

Indeed the Rohingya people in Myanmar have suffered an atrocity. There is an under reported genocide that has taken place. In a form of “ethnic cleansing” hundreds of thousands of Rohingya people have been killed by Myanmar’s government.

Thailand has an increasing problem with human trafficking. I am glad you brought these things to our attention so that more people become aware of these problems. I am terribly saddened that while people are so wrapped up on materialism, there are atrocities such as genocide still going on in the world.

It should be mentioned that not all world news is horrific. There is some cautious optimism in the developing world. For example, the continent of Africa has the largest population of people under 20 years of age, and over the past decade, thanks to technology and other advancements, receiving an education is now more readily available for both boys and girls. In Ethiopia, the Prime Minister received the noble Peace Prize for avoiding a conflict with a neighboring nation. I’m certain there is much work to be done and it will not be easy but the youth has this… hope, which some may call naive, but it is hope none the less. If the path continues to improve, this hope for a better future, it is not eroded, it is reinforced, treaded with others, it becomes a reality.


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Joker was a great movie. Miniature golf or just golf. Haha!

I can’t fathom how much weight Phoenix had to lose to play that role.