Illegal drug use causes problems when you are older

I used speed when I was young and look at me now. I have a Grade II Diastolic Disfunction of my heart. I quit all illicit drug use when I was 21 and had a psychotic break that didn’t go away. I also smoked weed back then, and my pdoc told me that pot was contraindicated in people with Sz and can trigger genetic code that causes Sz to express itself.
I really don’t know if what my pdoc said is true or not. I ended up in the psych hospital back when I was 21.


Yes amphetamines raise dopamine too much and AP do the opposite.


Weed triggered my first psychosis. I am 100% sure of that.


Me too I smoked weed just before I was psychotic.


Me too but but i was f’ed since i was a kid


Not surprising. I did a whackload of speed when I was younger. I had run up a pile of credit cards and my solution to paying them off was to not sleep and work three jobs at the same time. Spoiler: It was a disaster.


Philip K Dick died in his early fifties from amphetamine use. It gave him drug induced psychosis. He wrote about forty books.

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Sorry to hear he died. I’m glad there other people who have experienced drug induced psychosis. Thanks

I see I’m seeing things again right now. I just went back and read some posts again and they don’t say what I thought they said the first time. I keep seeing the word “blood” I been thinking about a blood stained flag too.

see this is the problem. The night I first started slipping into real psychosis was when I was on mdma, which could have very easily been cut with speed.


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