If your symptoms recover to a certain point, does that mean you have to leave here?

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As above in this post.

I have taken this as a criticism that perhaps I am not welcome here.

My Schizophrenia has been well managed since being put on 800mg of Amisulpride in 2018.

Does this mean I should leave?

I thought I was helping more for the most part, by trying to encourage people and sticking around to be apart of this community.

Maybe I was wrong to do this, but I thought I had some value to add having been through some dark times.

It’s going to be hard, but I will log out now and try to avoid logging back in.

No you don’t have to leave because you are stable

As long as you’ve experienced psychosis at some point in your life you are absolutely welcome here. Regardless of if you aren’t or are psychotic atm.


@Joker I liked reading your posts here, you have alot to offer.


I feel relatively recovered but I’m still disabled. I’m however very happy with how much my dose effects me mentally vrs some other people whom I believe are on high high doses and I’m worried for them and if that’s where I will eventually have to settle out.

I know that in hospital I was on a high dose and it was like mind fog, I want to coach people away from high doses and away from cold turkey quiting. If you’re going to quit, have a plan, have a back up and leave yourself avenues to get help.

I don’t think I’m unwelcome here because I feel relatively cognizant of how my mental faculties have been effected.

I do know that my ability to imagine has dulled and I only really get it back when I’m sleeping and semi lucid dreaming.

Talking on here still helps me even though I’m sort of “solved” in terms of problems with the illness.

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Don’t worry. Stability is not permanent (in my case). We all come back in this forum. :crazy_face:


I like it here as apart from my community nurse I haven’t got many people to talk to about my mental health issues that are understanding, Also when I do become unwell its nice to reality check to see if my thoughts are abnormal, I can do this here instead of worrying my care staff or housemates. Its only when I’m really bad that it effects them.

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No, this ain’t Nazi Germany. It’s a free country and a free forum. If you have any symptoms you are welcome. Even if you are symptom free now, you can help people with their recovery by showing that people with schizophrenia get better. Or use your experience to support and help other people. If you want to help people, then post possum pictures (right @anon2818416)?


No stay @Joker you have really great insights, and you will help a lot of people if you stay, so no definently don’t leave!


No, you do not have to leave. This forum is for anyone that has suffered some form of psychosis. Whether you still experience it or not.

Please stay @Joker .


If you are crackers, you get to stay.

If you aren’t crackers and still want to stay, then you really are crackers.

(Okay…I just made myself laugh.) :smile:


I saw the messages on my email.

Thanks for the re-assurance.

Last thing I want to do is outstay any welcome.

Before when I got better for a brief period, I did not come here for about a year. Since my last bad patch I have stuck around.

Glad that this is ok to do this.

All I want to do is try and support other people, and occasionally get help with issues.

As @bobbilly says it’s better to come here sometimes rather than bother the nurses and doctors.

I have to check these things as I don’t want to be somewhere I am not wanted, as I am not very good at judging this.


Well, @Joker , you are very much wanted and needed around here.


I think the forum needs people who are stable also, to offer support and guidance to those that are not.

I think for many members this fluctuates. Like for my own part I’m stable now, but I have had periods when I’m not. So I can both give and take things from this forum.

The most important thing is that members here can relate and understand each other based on similar experiences. I’m very happy I found this forum, it has done me a lot of good already, and I have only been around for about a half year.


Not necessarily, some are stable and are here. Maybe you have no time to be here? Idk

Always. Always possum pictures :heart:

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No. There are a lot of people who have been told here is no hope that need to see powerful examples of recovery to get hope back. This is the reason you should stay. I don’t come here for support, I come here to support those who were like me: The ones who can recover, but are told not to try. I get my own support elsewhere.


No! Don’t leave! It’s important for people to be able to talk to stable people who have gotten their meds right etc. it brings hope. Please stay


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