If you had a choice...?

If you had a choice would you like to live for 300 or 400 years of age?

Yes I would do as long as I wasn’t ill or in pain

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I want to be reborn and relive my life here over and over again making improvements each time. im not sure I want to go to heaven. i’ll be happy if I make it to 84. that’s what im shooting for.


If the world was different I wouldn’t mind living 300 or 400 years but I’m afraid it’s gonna be so screwed up in the next 100 years as it is that 300 and 400 aren’t even fun to think about.

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Hm idk.
Depends what the world is like at that time.
I would like to live until 130 and be in good shape maybe just until before the world becomes a disaster if that happens

80 for me 232323

No, I current get tired of living
but if I can have decent food everyday can pay bill and live alone in my own place then Big yes

85-90. I’d miss my lived ones too much with more than that.

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well I found hope for the future last night…only problem is that my mom would have to die before I get my inheritance…it would devastate me to lose my mother so I want to live to be old when I get an inheritance with my mom living to 93 or so…I would be 74. then I will be taken care of for the rest of me and angie’s life.

I’d rather live 300 than 400.

Putting off death is to put off the cessation of the suffering.

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1000 years. But then I might miss out on the after life (if it exists).

Whatever the biggest number you got is


I think it would be okay to live for a few hundred years as long as everybody else did, too, otherwise you’d just be alone constantly as your friends and family all died around you. Then you’d just grow sad and bitter. Think of “The Green Mile”.

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What life gives me is plenty enough. It’s more the footprint you leave in others lives. Some lives burn out way too soon but leave big marks. Others burn long into the day without much of a print.

I would choose long and not much of a print anyday…!

I want to live forever I want to watch and experience the world forever.

No. It would be too much.

Absolutely! I love scientific discoveries, so i would want to see what happens next.

Pessimism inside says “no way, I suffer daily, let’s make this ride short.”

Optimism inside says “yes, we will find a cure, you can live a good life for many years.”

It depends if I’m healthy and will always feel like this