If you had $5 million to start a business, what would it be?

What would you sell?

I would have a vintage boutique.

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Why 5 million? I think if most people were given 5 million here to start a company it would primarily get wasted on non essential items

I would try to produce some kind of cutting edge technology like grapheme. I don’t know if that would be enough money to get started, though.

Create a worm hole lol and charge people to go through it.

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Records. Music music music

I would start a heating cooling business

I would start an animal habitat. cats and dogs and whatever isn’t wanted in the pounds.


If I had 5 Million, I wouldn’t start a business.

I would save it in several safe Bank Accounts - Mutual Funds etc…

I would then buy Acres of Land and build a Large House/ Sanctuary in the Wilderness somewhere.

It would be away from other people.


it would be a charity…not for profit…animals :dog: :elephant: :cat: …domestic violence…sz/mentaly ill etc :imp:
take care :alien:


Schizo non profit organization.


I have one planned out already actually. It used to be my dream to open this.

Pretty Peacock Pharmaceutical Supplies

Basically a line of pharmaceutical supplies that didn’t look depressing and boring. I remember when I first bought my pill cutter when I got on meds. I just looked at it and thought - is this it? Is this really what my life is now? Instead I’d manufacture nice looking ones that people will like to shop for. Cooler canes and handles to get out of the tub too. We’re all sick enough, no matter what we have. We don’t need to be reminded we have problems every time we see the things we need to live clash with our decor.

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