If you had 3 wishes what would you wish for?

I would get rid of my mental illness.

Have a steady job that paid at least $3000 a month.

Start a family.

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  1. Ai
  2. Awaken all humans to love and understand each other as one species…
  3. Unlimited speed and unlimited usage internet for all…we might get something productive done as a species…

I only really have 2 wishes.

  1. To be mentally and physically healthy for the rest of my life.
  2. 10 billion dollars


The ability to change my appearance at will.

Maybe make me into a real life sailor scout. So I can fight evil by moonlight and all that ■■■■.

If I’m immortal, I’m sure I would have less anxiety which would be cool. I don’t really mind psychosis so I’d be fine with having that forever. Also if I’m immortal I can rob from all the rich assholes and end world hunger and poverty ect.

Also if I’m immortal I can go float in space for eons just for fun.


Good Health
Endless Money
Peace on Earth

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Can i wish for more wishes?

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nope @KingKazuma

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Haha that’s weird I was really thinking about putting the ability to change my appearance at will for my 3rd wish. But I don’t know if I would abuse that power so I left it out.

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Yeah that made me chuckle. I was a sailor too. Just not a sailor scout that fought off evil and stuff.

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An indestructible liver
Eternal peace

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Remove all mental and physical ailments.

Have gainful employment.

Oops, that’s three. Oh well.


1.The ability to shapeshift as much as I want into anything I want

  1. Immortality

  2. The ability to talk to my family and friends even if they’re dead.


no intrusive throughts
1 billion dollars
family to be happy


To be healthy in all areas
An unlimited supply of cream cheese

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1.) To have a permanent stable place where I could live alone.
2.) To be able to afford all my basic necessities and have a little bit each month for other small purchases.
3.) To stay stable enough to be able to enjoy my life until I pass.

  1. Have a new car
  2. Be able to move to Maryland and afford it.
    3 Go back in time and have a conversation with my mom who has severe dementia.
  1. Be the largest single person shareholder of a multi-national corporation therefore making me a Billionaire.
  2. Travel through outer space experiencing zero-gravity and visiting an exoplanet.
  3. Live to see my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

A goldfish
A pet mouse.
A medium size cat.

I like the company.

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  1. Solve world hunger
  2. Free, or very affordable internet access for everyone
  3. Affordable, decent laptops for poor people and the third world
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