If you escaped near death 6 times

Are you lucky?,…

No you’re just the cat with three to go


maybe theres a bit of cat in me…meow

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I’d say you’re pretty lucky.


I got 2mm from my main vein in the neck…leaving a 12 inch scar…in 2003 cause of it me being a outcast in society with sz…copped on since then…but the anger I felt was to the core of my soul

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I would say that you’re meant to live, lucky or no… You have a purpose here.

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full blown psychotic only for my friend pinned me to the ground I was entering death from a 12 story building

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I admire you, @san_pedro. I think you’re one of the bravest people on this forum. You absolutely have a purpose, and I’m glad you weren’t allowed to leave.
Your precious son is the most important reason you’re here.

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On the seventh time I would cede and just yield to fate.

cool thanks… @Hedgehog…I have got guts for this life…inner strength can be a plus////////

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Very lucky,I escaped head injury once while playing soccer