If you could snack something right now, what would it be?

Id love some beef jerky.


chocolate of any kind…lol reese’s peanut butter cups or chocolate covered pretzels or smidgens…with popcorn from the movies with lots of butter…only for today though because it is Vday

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Jelly beans.The little ones…jelly bellies.


Mississippi fudge cake - and milk - Snackkkkk


Cashews, and walnuts. I might as well pick something that’s OK for me.

Chocolate chess pie and milk.

just had some dutch chocolate ice cream…it was enough for now.

I could go a pizza right now. But friday nights are pizza night

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Popcorn. Oh, wait, I have a honkin’ big popcorn maker in the basement. Pardon me, now I’m hungry.


My ex-girlfriends ear, she liked it nibbled. That was eons ago though.

spaghetti sandwich with a big glass of cold milk

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Fibromyalgia is the first word that popped into my brain, but i would rather snack on some cadbury mini eggs

Sounds sweet. I can imagine it. It’s green, chewy, and stringy.

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don’t eat animals

those r aliens

The souls of lesser beings.

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mussel mossel
red hot chilly pepper

pizza all the way domino’s preferably and maybe some bread sticks and marinara

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