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I am obsessed with living in different Locations. I take my situation into account , living off of SSDI about half my benefit goes to rent and that is around $700 US Dollarino’s … But ,seemingly, there seems to be so much info (valid or not who know’s) about Locations to live at and why you might want to live there. I don’t mind living in a cheap area not sure I’d want static from any thieves or worse tho… IDK , also, no matter where I go nothing about me -versus- society changes - I’m still the outcast ,socially inept , outsider that is always looking in and around from, well outside.
So I think, well I don’t change but I can choose to live in great surroundings of my choice, city, country, mountains, beaches…If you were living and assuming you are alive, if living on your own someplace was your thing - Where would you live and Why

If I could I’d live in a suburb about 10 miles away because there’s way less crime. I choose nearby to be close to our kids

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Now I have recovered from my sz symptoms, the idea of living abroad really tempts me. I was looking into studying at a university abroad, but I couldn’t find any countries that have better student loans than the uk though. I think it would be an awesome life experience. Don’t think it is something I will ever do though.

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im considering a move. slowly saving money. im thinking a move across the country to corvallis, oregon. my reasons for moving are it has mild weather, although a bit cloudy. it’s a small city with things to do and hospitals, it’s a good place to ride a bicycle, or drive somewhere and take a hike, it’s got good fishing within a couple hours drive. natural beauty throughout the state and region. it’s far removed from the rest of the country, creating it’s own unique feel. taxes and expenses are a little higher than here, but the trade offs may be worth it. also its a close drive to the coast and the majestic redwoods.

if i don’t move there i will likely move to savannah georgia, for the charm, and warm weather, low cost of living, also on the coast. almost double the population of corvallis though, personally i like smaller cities where traffic isn’t so bad and i don’t stress out driving. those are the places im thinking of moving to.

i could afford a trailer in corvallis, and a condo in savannah. also oregon has ABLE accounts for the disabled, im not sure if georgia has this. so i could still work and save money without losing access to my meds. or being forced to get on a cheaper med.

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I moved away from Tucson AZ with my girl friend to mid state IL Champaign IL (nice and cheap college town two hours from 3 citites) (( I was so tired of Tucson)) ugh - We broke up and after taking a trip to Appalachia I knew I would be living there somewhere soon. First though I met a girl in Pittsburgh and figured this would be a great gateway to Southern Appalachia and it was I got a house, a job driving a truck and life was good but I lived outside of Pittsburgh and just didn’t see enough pro’s and too many con’s being congested winding narrow roads to get to anywhere to do anything - I wish I’d went right into Pittsburgh. I now have relocated to Johnson City ,TN and rent is affordable and it’s beautiful to for hiking and exploring - Summers are hot though - So now, I’m looking at Cleveland to not feel so lonely and to be around more people being single and SZ it’s hard to socialize - Leave no stone unturned

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interesting. i’ve been to all of those places. i thought about moving to tennesse. when i was delusional i had this idea of having 2 trail houses connected to the appalachian trail. one in the north and one in tennesse, where i could hike to my houses if i wanted to.

my buddies bachelor party was in cleveland, and i got to say it was a good time. we went to a couple breweries and the rock and roll hall of fame. i thought about living there as well but decided it would be too cold for me. probably couldn’t afford it anyways, although im not familiar with home prices there as i’ve never looked.

and i was also considering a move to champaign/urbana but decided i want to leave the midwest for once. i could see myself moving back to the midwest when im older though.

and pittsburgh is one of my favorite cities. i once turned down a free sandwhich when i was homeless in pittsburgh because it wasnt vegan haha. i was only there for a couple nights before i caught a greyhound bus west.

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Sometimes I wonder if I haven’t followed my dreams into a wood chipper Lol - but I have to try and do the best with this stupid SZ sickness in my brain, I’d stay here in TN and I may still remain, but very isolating and religious - Two things that I 've found is fine but not for my well being being a mentally ILL person but no matter where I go I suppose - I think die hard Liberals or cons for that matter are extreme but I wonder if a progressive city might be good but there’s so many factors - I’ve learned that if I want cool summers I’ll need lake effect of lake erie and that area…cleveland has cheap houses and they like to say “at least it’s not detroit” good or great hospitals …OH has a good mix of topicgrofpy and a bad ecomnony so it might very well be the best for cheap living if you don’t mind gangsters and low criminals about …I think that since I"m originally from NYC nothing scares me but I’m getting older and possible even bolder so I don’t want to wind up in a cell somewhere - chicago seems cooler in summer but no nature WA state has cool summers but too much rain and quite expenseive - There’s no cure for living but I’m a keep trying to find my niche some where good god if only I had access to good drugs and not the antipsychotic crap but that’s not a good idea either , nope - I think bike trails, hiking trails and health are the way to go!

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yeah i think corvallis is my best bet. will feel a bit guilty about abandoning mom and dad as they get older, but my sister will still be around, and i’ll come back to visit once a year.

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