If The Brain Was Invisible, Would Thoughts Exist?. 😴


With That Strange Idea Admitted.

Does That Question Introduce Individuals Who Choose To Live Without Meaning Or Purpose?.

Now, The Humorous Scarecrow From [[[ The Wizard Of Oz ]]], Had Purpose.

And!, That Was To Receive A Brain!.

Which Is A Fulfilling Form Of Purpose Without A Doubt. As The Shadow Of Thought Reminds Me, That Science Has Clear Intentions To Reveal Their Purpose To Someone Like Me. That There Is More Than Meets The Eye Within The Collection Of Flesh & Bone.

Perhaps There Is Much More Involved Within The Study Of The Human Condition. Without Any Real Study To Blur The Lines Between Science & Nature.

So. Symbolically Expressing Absolute Meaning Among The Followers And Leaders. There Has To Be A More Precise Way To Expose The True Side Of Existence. Without The Need For Kings & Queens. Peasants And Maids.

A More Dignified Answer From The Source Of The Fountain Of Life.

As The Lambs & Lions Continue On A Secretive Pathe To Enlightenment.

That Is To Say, That It Already Hasn’t Been Discovered.

As NASA Explores The Endless Universe.


DJ Nosferatu Beat Beam (sleepoptimistic)
:dog: :snake: :dog:

P.s. The Disconnection Of Honest Communication, Gave Away The Accuracy Of Wisdom.

If the brain is invisible, then it probably follows that thoughts are invisible as well. But thoughts are invisible, ergo the brain is invisible. No, no, this can’t be right.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words?.


DJ Nosferatu Beat Beam (sleepoptimistic)
:dog: :snake: :dog:

P.s. It Was Hidden, Suddenly, 50% Of The Foundation Questioning Walls Surrounding

Think Outside Of The Box They Say, As The Lines Are Drawn In The Sand.


Her Voice Cannot Touch. But!, It’s Felt. It Is Also Possibly Invisible. But!, It’s Felt.

Spark, Flame, Heart, Star.

Horizon. Endless, Not That Far?.


DJ Nosferatu Beat Beam (sleepoptimistic)
:dog: :snake: :dog:

P.s. There Exist’s Shadows Of Shadows Inside Of The Void Of Shadows.

There will always be some kind of persistent medium for consciousness to occur. Not necessarily a brain for eternity.

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