If only, if only

If only our universe came from another universe.

And there were living things there that could help us.

They could do alot of things.

Like create matter out of thin air, heal diseases, make it rain, bestow knowledge, provide endless supplies of energy, make the ocean drinkable and useable, who knows what they could do but i’m sure it would be quite a bit.

If only right?

I believe on some scale that that we do and there are or were beings who knew much more about the universe than we do now, and could have possibly done those things. I believe ancient earth had beings that knew and understood things far beyond our realm of knowledge today. Maybe they were human, maybe not. I am just facinated by many of the things that were accomplished in 10,000 BC and before that we couldnt accomplish today and cant figure out how they did it. Somewhere there was a shift in dynamics or a mass exidus of those that held secrets of the universe, or at least this planet, and the knowledge was lost or remains hidden from society. For example the harmonic chambers built inside the pyramids aligning with magnetic fields, planetary alignments, constellations, and energy bands within the earth, which i feel like had to be some kind of healing chambers. We still have no clue how or why they did things all around the world in the early days of man and most likely will never know. Many of the things that could be accomplished in the ancient past are probably unfathomable to our perception of whats possible in reality today.

They’re here though.

The beings i’m talking about.

One was in my backyard one night actually.

It was imperceptible until it grabbed me.

It was from another universe.

These beings can manipulate our entire universe in everyway. Our universe is made of theirs.

I have a similar belief @pansdisease and have seen and heard things that cant be put into words. I believe there are ways to break thru the dimensional membranes that seperate the many different planes of existence. I believe we hold the power to harness the knowledge to manipulate our realities but are mostly too close minded to believe what is clearly in front of us. I have seen beings also and i think i was seeing and hearing things thru the dimensional wall into another “world” or “realm” or whatever you want to call it. There is a multiverse and it is all around us as we wander blindly thru life. Infinite possibilities that must repeat an infinite number of times in an infinite amount of ways. We need to raise our level of consciousness and not be fooled by our subjective view of reality and realize we can change our perceptions, thereby changing our reality. Narrow mindedness and egocentric thinking runs rampant in our race and if we could believe in the things we feel are impossible we would open ourselves up to see that nothing is impossible if every eventuality must and will occur again and again for ever and ever, in this spacetime and all others.