If I couldn't win, I wasn't interested

More on the “winner” subject. I had a teacher who only worked with me because my success made him look good. And I thought he cared about me. No such luck. So I went into a spiral of not caring at all and everything he taught me was forgotten.

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I had a math teacher like that. I was the only one in the class who could get the right answer.

Math is tricky, you gotta keep relearning it.

My teacher said I wouldn’t amount to anything, then I bought a house next to him then he wanted to be my bestfriend.

Nice is it a better house than his?

Yup better house.

Score. You still staying there?

No, wife and I got divorced and she got Everything. She couldn’t take the mental illness any longer.

That sucks so do you still have symptoms?

What kind of ■■■■■■■■ court does that? Leaving the mentally ill man with nothing …

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Yeah, not as bad now that I’m on the Invega shot.

My medical aid won’t cover that so on regular risperidone can only take medicines that have generics.

She got the kids too. Screwed up!!

I would be in the same boat, but I’m a veteran so the V.A. pay’s for it. I’m lucky.

That’s great because then there’s no out of pocket expenses.

Still have to pay copay which is not to much.

Oh I see I don’t pay anything and I’m lucky the work pays my medical aid in full.

Sounds good, that makes it easy.

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